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Fr. Firas Aridah, writes from Aboud Christmas 2006-Publishied in the International Herald Tribune.

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Fr. Firas Aridah, writes from Aboud Christmas 2005

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SAVE ABOUD Palestine

Israel is  constructing its Apartheid separation wall on the land of Aboud village. The survival of the ancient  Christian and Muslim Palestinian West Bank community of Aboud is threatened.

An orthodox Christian in the West Bank village of Aboud holds a crucifix he made himself

Aboud is a picturesque  and ancient Palestinian village.  Stone houses blend into the rocky hills.  Vines and red and violet bougainvillea climb trestles. From balconies there are beautiful vistas over terraced hills covered in age old olive trees. Leafy fig trees provide shade to its streets. Villagers make their own  olive oil and wine. Two thousand two hundred people live in the village: Nine hundred are Christian, the rest are Muslim. 

The Christian Heritage of Aboud

There are almost equal numbers of Catholic and Orthodox Christians in Aboud, and a much smaller Protestant congregation. Christians and Muslims in Aboud live together in harmony. There are Muslim as well as Christian children attending the Latin (Catholic) school in the village founded in 1913.

Local tradition states that three millennia old Aboud received the faith of Christ from Christ himself. Ruins of the ancient Messiah Church mark the location where Jesus is said to have preached. Close to the village is the Roman Road that Jesus and the Holy Family would have used when travelling between the Galilee and Jerusalem. The Orthodox church in Aboud, was built in the 4th century days of the Roman emperor Constantine. The Byzantine capitals of its columns bear the image of cross and palm branches. In the southern wall of the church there is a plaque in Aramaic the language of Jesus.

There are remains of nine ancient churches in and around the village.

Saint Barbara and Aboud

On December 17th  (4th December, St. Barbara's day in the calendar of the Eastern Orthodox Church) the people of Aboud, venerate the village patron saint, St. Barbara, an early Christian Martyr. On a hillside facing the village are extensive remains of St. Barbara’s Monastery. The tiny sixth-seventh Century shrine or Church of St. Barbara was maintained and used. On 31st May 2002 the church was blown up and destroyed by the Israeli army. It has since been rebuilt.

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There is more information about the village on the Aboud Christian Youth website 

Operation Dove an Italian Catholic Peace Taskforce have a permanent presence in Aboud  

Leicestershire Holy Land Appeal

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